Design to Completion



Ecco Metal Slot Base

With so many of our competitors simply selling product that is made overseas, it's important to emphasize that when we say "it all happens here," that's exactly what we mean. Follow along below as we take you through the manufacturing process of one of our Ecco Slot Bases.



Base - 4_cropped

First, we create all the digital CAD and Solidworks product models to work out minute details and intricacies of each design. Once our design files are complete, blueprints and production programs are stored in our digital vault for current and future runs of same product. Prototypes are then created to finalize the design prior to moving into production. Any adjustments made to the design files will be transferred to final blueprints and our production programs, and all files will be stored in our digital vault.


Raw Materials


Raw sheets of aluminum and steel in a variety of gauge thicknesses arrive at our loading dock daily. The wide range of parts required to complete our bases require several different gauges of both steel and aluminum. The required materials are staged at different production areas, as needed.







VSR used 5 state-of-the-art, computer driven Trumph punch machines, which use punching dies to stamp out (punch) the many patterns required to make the different pieces of each slot base. Also at our disposal is a cutting laser which employs high intensity lasers to precisely cut complex shapes for some of our more intricate metal work. All of the patterns are delivered in the form of computer programs, making design changes easy to manage. 



VSR_web_sheet_metal__0007_002The brake is where all thenecessary  parts are formed into the various bent shapes required to match the design blueprint.









Assembly is completed via on of our conveyor assembly lines on items requiring pop rivets. The parts are staged at various cells through the line, so the base can be moved along to each station where one of our assembly technicians performs their specialized portion of this first assembly stage.





At VSR, we utilize three primary types of welding:

1. Mig    2. Tig    3. Robotic

The type used is dependent upon the product type, and what is required for each individual unit.





Grind/clean up


This is where we final assembly check everything, then clean and sand (or grind) parts for final powder coating.






Powder coat


Finished parts are powdercoated on an autmated paint line by job, and this is the point where all the cell work converges to form a complete job.






Final Assembly & Packaging


Parts are taken off the line and inspected for quality and consistency. Then, any assembly required  to complete the product is performed here.






Loading & Shipping


Complete order is quality checked, inspected and packaged for shipping by the shipment type, such as  LTL, full dedicated truck load, or international freight.