VSR has been producing the industry standard in sheet metal slot bases for over twenty-five years. In that time, our sheet metal manufacturing capabilities have grown exponentially, now occupying more than 50,000 square feet of floor space. With a focus on lean manufacturing, we have retooled more than our equipment list. Our processes exemplify a focus on efficiency, allowing us to tackle the demand that our quality products have created.

Table headingTable headingTable heading
Punch Trumpf 2020 4
  Trumpf 5000 (w/20 shelf tower) 1
Laser Trumpf 2030 1
Brakes/Forming Trumpf 3120 (144 ton) 15
  Trumpf V1300 (144 ton)  
  Amada RG100 (110 ton)  
  Amada HFB8025 (88 ton)  
  Amada RG8024 (88 ton)  
  Amada HFE8025S (80 ton)  
  Trumpf C60 (67 ton)  
  Amada RG3512 (35 ton)  
  Amada RG25 (25 ton)  
Welding Robotic Welder 1
  Miller Syncrowave:  
  Mig Stations 6
  Tig Stations 7
Spot Welders Entron/Acme/Seerdorf 4
Stud Welders ProWeld CD-212P 2
Hardware Insertion Haegar 824 1
  Haegar 618 5
  Pemserter 4 J 3
Powder-Coat Capabilites 650 Foot IPE Automated Paint Line with Drying & Curing Oven 1
  Automatic Wash Station (IPE/Ecosystems) 1
  Nordson Vantage RCM 8000 8' x 15' 1
  Nordson Versa-Spray II Automatic Guns 10
  Nordson Vantage Batch Booth 8' x 8' 1
  Wisconsin Batch Oven 6' x 6' 1
  Nordson Surecoat Manual Guns 2
Assembly/QA Electromechanical  
  Sheet Metal  
  Conveyor Lines  
  Job Staging  
  QA Stations  

Sheet Metal Floor Aerial Tour

We hope you enjoy this birdseye view of our sheet metal manufacturing floor!

Design to Completion: Ecco Slot Bases

This 2 minute video will take you through the manufacturing of our innovative, Ecco metal slot bases.

Meet the TruePunch 5000

The TruePunch 5000 is a workhorse. The Sheet Master Tower System automatically feeds stock, while the automatic offload of waste keeps the punch moving all day, every day.