For years, the name VSR has been synonymous with premium high-security lock products and solutions. With a wide array of proprietary lock products, VSR provides complete control and peace of mind for your casino floor operation. Whatever your need, VSR manufactures a solution that is sure to be a perfect fit.

Swiss Screw Machine Citizen L20 CNC Lathe 7
  Citizen L25 CNC Lathe 2
  Citizen M32 CNC Lathe 2
  Citizen FL42 CNC Lathe 1
  Citizen R04 CNC Lathe 5
Twin Spindle Lathe Hardlinge Conquest SG-42 CNC Lathe 1
Turning Center Escomatic D5 Lathe 1
Vertical Mill Haas CNC VF-4 1
  Hardinge VMC 600 CNC Mill 1
  Folken CNC Mini Mill 2
Broaching & Macomatic Broach 1
Chamfer Machine Chamfer Machine 1
  Rousselle Punch Press 1
  Trumpf Marking Laser 1
This machine is a one-of-a-kind engineering phenomenon, commissioned by VSR, and built over a three year period. Today, it executes high security lock assembly via a myriad of programmable options in record time.